Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes its the quiet voice

at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow'.

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And so it goes...
PB and Jelly
Life has been pretty calm now that the testing date fiasco has been settled. Enjoyed a very nice holiday break with friends up in Portland area Fri-Sun, stayed in a hotel which was fun but also very glad to get back home with my bed, fish and normal smells.

Almost thought I messed up the 'no seafood/fish/seaweed' rule yesterday when I realized my 'Green Goodness' smoothie had spirulina in it! Luckily a quick search showed it was a fresh-water algae and should not contain iodine. Been craving shrimp and fried cod really badly, probably because I can't have them and they are normal holiday foods for me. Not too much longer, will be a 'Welcome to the New Year' dinner treat :D

Therapy is on hold for 3 weeks while the office takes a winter break. My goals for this period are to continue with the 2 meals/day and prepping 2 proteins for the week, adding in getting laundry folded and organized (aka off the floor piles) and also to research some classes or activities that I can attend 1-2 times a month to increase my social outings in the new year.

Now to snuggle in with a warm cocoa and try to figure out more of the Wii.


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