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My RadioIodine Thyroid Uptake and Scan
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After waiting almost 2 months, making WAY too many phone calls to figure things out... the day of the test was finally here. I was fasting from midnight on so that my system was empty when I took the capsule full of I123.

We arrived at the hospital after dealing with freezing temps and frost almost an inch thick in places, defiantly not the norm around here! Thankfully I was having a 'hot' day so the cold weather didn't bother me too much. Checked in with the front desk at the Heart and Vascular Institute because that is where the Nuclear Medicine Dept is housed.

Finally got back into the 'Intake Room' where the tech measured the output of the capsule, asked the same bunch of questions, verified I wasn't pregnant from the lab dept and then at 9:53 am I swallowed the capsule.


The white tube is where the I123 capsule was kept, in another 4 layers of plastic stuff. Turned out it was good that it had extra coverings as the guy fumbled and dropped the case while handing me the capsule, but it didn't touch the floor so I still took it. Hell I would have still taken it if it had fallen on the dirty floor, I wasn't going to wait another 2 months for this test!!

We were then free to leave the hospital until 2:45 pm to allow my body time to distribute the I123. We mailed off a package and had lunch, then went home for a couple hours to kill time until we had to return.

Checked in on the 2nd floor reception this time, and was taken back to this huge room with soft music playing and a huge machine. Our tech was super nice and helpful, wish he could have done all the tests! Each picture took 5 minutes where I had to hold still, but it went by quickly and soon all 4 pictures were processed. Tech also printed me out a film of my scan so I had it in hand for my Endo apt (just in case).


Next the Radiologist came in, looked at my scans and declared them very normal, felt my neck and found no lumps. We all kind of agreed that this test was unnecessary (at least as much as they could agree) but at least it gave proof that my thyroid is just fine.

I don't have to be back for the scan until 10:45 am the next morning, but tech said to come in anytime after 10 am and it would be fine. So we got there at 10 am and still waited until 10:40 am to get the last scan done. So much for that idea :P

This time we were back in the same room as Intake, but the scanner was moved so that it could be pointed at my thyroid and then my knee. Each scan took a minute and we soon found out that my uptake% was around 24.5% and my knee she didn't say since it was just to see what was in the bloodstream still. She needed to still do some calculations, but it appeared that my uptake scan was within the normal range too.

Now I wait until my Endo apt early next week to see what he has to say. If he tries to push more thyroid tests I may have to fire him. Unsure what I would do then but this could have all been done in 3 weeks, not 3 months that it has taken his office. I am hoping he will move on to an MRI or some other means of testing to find out how my pituitary is doing.

Until then...

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I just think all of this is CRAZY. I am glad about your Thyroid though. :-/ <3!

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