Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes its the quiet voice

at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow'.

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At last!!
ninja cupcake
Yesterday was the big day... my MRI finally got scheduled for Monday!! :D Of course there had to be a delay in getting the order over to the imaging center (so expected now!!) but I didn't have to wait on a PA, only lab work, so it was scheduled fairly quickly still. So relieved!

It was also a 'no-sleep' day since my body decided it only needed 4 hours of crappy sleep the night before. Made an already busy day even more tiring. We loaded a few things into the car to take to storage, got my metabolic lab panel that is required before the MRI drawn at the lab, unloaded the stuff at storage, went to lunch and then I had my therapy session for the first time since mid-Dec. Lots to do and talk about!! This was the first session that actually felt 'hard' emotionally... guess you can only hold stuff in so long.

Then I got home and slept for 7 hours...

Hoping today is a better day energy wise but I have nothing really planned so I can relax if I need to.
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