Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes its the quiet voice

at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow'.

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Yet again...
My brain MRI went well on Monday... back and neck cramped a little from holding still for so long but within a couple of minutes of moving around all was back to normal. I had the injection of contrast stuff, didn't react and made sure to drink LOTS of fluids to flush it asap. Tech said that the report would be at my Endo by tomorrow (Tuesday) so I didn't question it and went on my way.

Tuesday I waited until 3 pm to call and make sure they received the report. Went straight to voice mail so I left an upbeat message just asking to confirm they got it and to please call me back. No call back.

Wednesday I was very upset so I called at 3 pm again, once again to voice mail so I left a very detailed very angry sounding message. Called to see if the scheduler knew anything and my call went straight to her voice mail too. So I called the front desk of the office, it i a huge office with I am guessing 10 doctors, to make sure that they were actually IN the office this week and got confirmation that yes they were in. When I said I had left messages and hadn't gotten a call back in 2 days she put me on hold for a minute.

When she got back on the line she asked my name and DOB to pull up my file, said the notes said that they got my messages, I asked about the MRI report, she said there was nothing noted about it at all. I think she could feel my anger over the phone and said she would walk back and make sure they were in the office. 5 minutes later she gets back on the line sounding sort of happy, said that the Endo had just gotten my report and was sitting down to review it. I hope she got the assistant in trouble.

I think this means his stupid assistant hadn't given it to him yet!! The imaging place probably had it there by office open on Tuesday and even after I called yesterday to ask about it, he still didn't get it. What the fuck!!!

But this all confirms a couple of things... she is still there (damn it) and still is an incompetent and lazy bitch as ever. Which means that I now turn into a bitch and ask for clarification on dates things were supposedly done to compare with when things actually were done. I hope she gets fired... I am so done with all this!!

It isn't like finding out you have a brain tumor isn't hectic and scary enough, then I have to fight to get them to do their fucking jobs!! All of this testing and such could have been done in a month... and here we sit almost 4 months out STILL waiting on the MRI report that has probably been sitting in her 'to do' pile for 2 days.

So now I wait until 11 am tomorrow and if I haven't gotten a call back, I am going to go sit in the office. No more phone tag since clearly she can't work the phone OR the fax machine.


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