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Update time!
ninja cupcake
I keep meaning to post an update but then forget.. typical :P

So the MRI showed no mass on my pituitary (yay!) but that means we are back to the beginning with finding a diagnosis. So that means my brain and thyroid are perfectly normal if structure.

Plan now is I am taking Tapazole (Methimazole) 5 mg a day for 3-4 weeks to see if it will affect my TSH and FT4 levels. Just a waiting game now until it is time to go get more blood labs drawn mid-Feb.

Follow up with the lack of communication is not much... I ended up mad and made an appointment with the Dr and he explained things well enough. I guess from now on I just make appointments if I want real answers. I ended up calling her back on Thursday and got the 'No mass on pituitary, start Tapazole, come back in 4 weeks for labs' message which I found unacceptable. No information, no explanation for medication, no anything! Hence the pissed off appointment on Monday.

Unsure where this leaves me or what is wrong with me... just trying to live and not stress out over everything.


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