Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes its the quiet voice

at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow'.

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Second verse... same as the first!!
puking rainbows
So not a lot of exciting news here. Still getting more and more hyperthyroid... feeling hot all the time, horrible frustrating dreams, cognitive issues, acne, not hungry, itchy skin, trouble staying asleep, about every 3rd day I can't sleep for 36+ hours even with OTC meds. I think I liked being hypothyroid better!!

Had labs done after 4 weeks on the 5 mg Tapazole:

Free T3 3.7 Range (2.3-4.2) Normal (first time running this lab)
TSH 4.961 Range (0.400-4.00) High (highest yet)
Free T4 *forgot to ask, will update when I call back* (was high last time)

So it doesn't seem like the med is doing ANYTHING but will have to reserve that judgment until I get the FT4 results. I wonder why that test dosen't show up on the online patient portal chart with everything else.

Got the message of 'Bump up to 7.5 mg of Tapazole and come back in 4 weeks for labs' again. So frustrating. Going to call in next week and ask for sleeping help that is stronger than the OTC stuff. Also going to demand to know what the status is of sending me up to OHSU Brain Institute or if he 'forgot' again.

Is it sad I still wish this had been the simple tumor on the pituitary? At least that was a simple surgery, short recovery time and done. This waiting and titrating around with medicine that doesn't seem to be working is driving me crazy and wasting my life.

(side note: I like how the first auto correct for Tapazole is tadpoles LOL)


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