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at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow'.

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ninja cupcake
At today's Endo appt he agreed that my thyroid was totally normal, and is ordering an MRI finally. He is sending me to the highest strength MRI in town, even called the Dir of Medicine at my insurance to get it approved super fast. He called me back about the insurance ok before I even made it home from his office... I think he is motivated now :P

I should hear from the imaging center tomorrow, probably schedule it Thur morning or Friday since I have therapy on Thur afternoon sometime (need to find card!!).

Feels so weird to be excited to have a very rare TSH pituitary tumor, but if it helps me feel better long term then lets go!! :)
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So glad to hear about this forward motion and that your doctor is finally "on it"!!!! I'm sure you'll be happy to finally have some answers and a genuine course of action.

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